Course details

Start time9:00 AM
Duration3 days
Price (exc. VAT)£715.00
Validity 4 Years
Accreditation OPITO

3 Day BOSIET (with CA-EBS)

Initial training for those wishing to work in the offshore oil and gas industry in UK only.

Prerequisite training

  • None.  Please see note on medical requirements.  Please click here for list of OGUK Registered Doctors.

Course content

Delegates successfully completing the course will have gained the necessary skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • The offshore industry
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)
  • Personal survival
  • TEMPSCs and rafts
  • Post escape first aid
  • Fire Fighting (basic extinguishers, smoke hoods and self rescue)
  • Permit to work systems
  • Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Systems (CA-EBS), including additional in-water CA-EBS training (if certificated fit to do so)

Recommended refresher training

  • Holder should undertake Further Training in line with the Oil & Gas UK Guidelines.

Course fees include:

  • Issue of  OPITO certificate on completion
  • OPITO registration
  • Vantage registration
  • Course certification in Log Book.

Medical Requirements:

This course includes in-water CA-EBS training element 2.5.  In order to be able to complete CA-EBS in-water training delegates, when attending the course must bring with them:
  • A valid, unexpired Oil and Gas UK (OGUK) offshore medical certificate confirming the delegates fitness for offshore work within the UK OR possesses a valid, unexpired offshore medical certificate issued by a body outside of the UK which is recognised as equivalent to the OGUK medical certificate of fitness for offshore work in the UK,  AND a certificate of fitness to undertake shallow water CA-EBS training issued by a registered OGUK examining doctor for work in the UK (Fit To Train), OR
  • If delegates possess a valid and current certificate of medical fitness provided by an Approved Medical Examiner of Diving (AMED) they will not be required to possess either a  OGUK offshore medical examination or a ‘fitness to train’ certificate as they have already met the requirements of the Diving at Work Regulations 1997. OR
  • A valid, unexpired, medical certificate of fitness to work at sea (e.g. ENG1) AND where the medical fitness certificate for work at sea includes a restriction or is subject to conditions, possess a statement from an appropriate registered practitioner that the restriction or condition does not result from a respiratory or ENT condition and there is no absolute contraindication to the shallow water delegate’s participation in the training.
  • Having produced the evidence above delegates will be asked to sign a health statement on the day of the CA-EBS in-water training.

  • Please note ALL delegates are required to undertake in water training unless a doctor deems them unfit to train.  Therefore it is essential that delegates bring with them the above medical evidence, please be aware that failure to provide the correct medical evidence will mean that we are unable to certificate you on the day of the course and you may need to return in order to complete the CA-EBS In-Water Training and receive your certificate.
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