Our excellent facilities allow us to offer a quality training experience, on our Norwich site we have the following:

Our training pool has a maximum depth of 3.5m allowing for various forms of in-water training including sea survival and helicopter underwater escape drills in the HUET.   We also have a winch and chute for escape and rescue exercises. 

Two Helidecks

We provide facilities for the training of safe landing and lift of helicopters from any deck, be it fixed, mobile, maritime or yacht based. The facility is designed to meet the OPITO standard to train personnel in a variety of secondary Offshore Helideck roles. 

Offshore Helicopter Landing Officers are trained in the control of routine offshore Helideck operations and the appropriate responses to offshore Helideck emergencies.  The HLO's team are trained to serve as members of an Emergency Helideck Team.

On our second deck we deliver external/internal helicopter firefighting training using a helipcopter fire fighting prop, and other essential equipment including two wells, fire fighting helideck monitors and rescue kit as found on helipads for Oil and Gas installations and, increasingly, Super yachts and hospitals.

The facilities are set up for team leaders and crews working as HLOs, and helideck operators, helideck fire fighting and emergency response teams, radio operators and refuelling technicians.

Firefighting Ground and Modules

Our training covers internal and external fire fighting and rescue procedures using specifically constructed fire modules to replicate buildings found offshore.   

Training is delivered using realistic scenarios and the burning of Class A&B materials or fully automated gas props.  This can be applied to offshore oil and gas, marine and maritime companies, but is also used by heavy industries, onshore energy, nuclear and chemical companies.

Training facilities are to a national standard and meet the regulations required by OPITO for the Oil and Gas sector and MNTB for Maritime STCW95 .  In addition we are able to provide bespoke fire fighting training to local authorities and heavy industry. 

Training Tower

Our 15m training tower has three levels, 5m 10m and 15m each with stair access and a hand railed landing for each level.   

The flexibility of the tower means it is suitable for training in general areas such as safe working at height, basic ladder climbing; escape and transfer, and rope access training.  It is approved to be used in the delivery of GWO Safe Working at Height, Basic and Refresher training.


Situated in Oulton Broad Lowestoft our marine facilities include a full range of the escape and survival equipment for maritime training.

We have several Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Crafts (TEMPSC) and delegates can train on twin and/or single fall types of lifeboat craft.

The equipment enables trainees to establish and maintain communications with installations and support vessels, maintain safety of personnel and TEMPSC, including man overboard, towing exercises and disembarking and transferring of personnel.