Will I have to pay for my lunch and accommodation? 
Lunch is included in the price of all of our full day courses. Petans provide 3-course lunches in well-equipped canteen facilities.  Please advise us at the time of booking if you have any dietary requirements, including but not limited to allergies.  Transport to and from the Petans site, and/or accommodation are not included within the course fee.  Accommodation lists can be obtained by contacting us however booking and payment thereof is the responsibility of the individual.

I realise some of the courses are carried out in Oulton Broad, will I have to make my own way there? 
Yes transportation between sites is not available and therefore you are required to make your way to the correct address dependent upon your course, we therefore ask you to check the joining instructions carefully and if you are not sure please telephone the office to confirm.

Do I need to do a medical to complete the offshore survival course? 
Yes all Delegates attending an OPITO HUET,BOSIET or FOET including CA-EBS will require a valid Offshore Medical and a Fit To Train CA-EBS in-water certificate.

Medical and Fit To Train Requirements for Offshore Survival Courses.

The BOSIET CA-EBS, FOET CA-EBS and HUET CA-EBS course include in-water CA-EBS training element. In order to be able to complete CA-EBS in-water training delegates, when attending the course must bring with them: 

  • A valid, unexpired Oil and Gas UK (OGUK/OEUK) offshore medical certificate confirming the delegates fitness for offshore work within the UK OR possesses a valid, unexpired offshore medical certificate issued by a body outside of the UK which is recognised as equivalent to the OGUK/OEUK medical certificate of fitness for offshore work in the UK,  AND a certificate of fitness to undertake shallow water CA-EBS training issued by a registered OGUK examining doctor for work in the UK (Fit To Train), OR
  • If delegates possess a valid and current certificate of medical fitness provided by an Approved Medical Examiner of Diving (AMED) they will not be required to possess either a  OGUK/ OEUK offshore medical examination or a ‘fitness to train’ certificate as they have already met the requirements of the Diving at Work Regulations 1997. OR
  • A valid, unexpired, medical certificate of fitness to work at sea (e.g. ENG1) AND where the medical fitness certificate for work at sea includes a restriction or is subject to conditions, possess a statement from an appropriate registered practitioner that the restriction or condition does not result from a respiratory or ENT condition and there is no absolute contraindication to the shallow water delegate’s participation in the training.

    Having produced the evidence above delegates will be asked to sign a health statement on the day of the CA-EBS in-water training. 

    Please note ALL delegates are required to undertake in water training unless a doctor deems them unfit to train. Therefore it is essential that delegates bring with them the above medical evidence, please be aware that failure to provide the correct medical evidence will mean that we are unable to certificate you on the day of the course and you may need to return in order to complete the CA-EBS In-Water Training and receive your certificate.

What will I need to take along with me on the course? 
You will need to come along with photographic identification (passport, driving licence). Where your course requires you to go in the pool you should bring swimwear to wear. We provide all necessary PPE for the courses we run however if you feel that you have unusual clothing requirement please contact us before attending your course.

How fit do I need to be?

Employers and individuals applying for training must recognise that some courses are of a physical nature. Any condition that may affect a delegate's performance on a course must be disclosed to Petans instructors.

What are the requirements for courses at Petans?

Delegates must:

  • Meet and be able to produce proof of prerequisite training as per the course requirements.
  • Be able to read and understand oral instructions in English and be capable of making themselves understood in English.
  • Declare any special requirements (e.g. dietary or religious) at the time of booking and inform the instructor of these special needs at the start of the course.

My current certificate has just expired, will I have to resit the entire course again? 
OPITO Courses - Occasionally dispensation can be requested by the Duty Holder using an Oil and Gas UK Dispensation form, however this is extremely rare. It would be safe to assume that you will be required to retake the full course again, if you have missed your renewal date.  However please remember that you can attend up to 3 months in advance of your expiry date and  your certificate  will be forward dated using  your existing expiry date.  Please note you must have completed at least one refresher course before dispensation can be considered.

GWO Courses - You will be required to retake the full course again, if you have missed your renewal date.  However please remember that you can attend up to 2 months in advance of your expiry date and  your certificate  will be forward dated using  your existing expiry date.


Is it possible to fail the offshore survival course, or any others?

Yes, occasionally delegates do not meet the requirements to receive their certification at the end of a course. However, due to the nature and attitude of our instructors, we aim to guide you through the course and show competence, as opposed to making it a difficult 'challenge'. All courses include an assessment process, related to the course input and you will be required to demonstrate your understanding of what you have learnt.

I did my last course at one of your competitors, can I now do my refresher with Petans this time?

Yes, there is no requirement for training to be completed at the same accredited centre as it was previously.

I am attending an OPITO approved refresher course before my expiry date, will the certificate be forward dated?

If attending within 3 months of your expiry date your certificate will be forward dated from your existing expiry date.  If you attend more than 3 months in advance your expiry date certificate will be dated from the day of the course.

Will my course finish early? 

Although some courses may finish ahead of schedule we do not recommend booking any travel prior to the end time of the course.

Do I get a CERTIFICATE or LOGBOOK stamp at the end of the course?

Certificates are issued to all delegates attending and completing training courses satisfactorily and in line with the requirements of the individual awarding body. Any delegate requiring their logbook signed and stamped should present it to their instructor at the start of the last day of the course.

If the Course has been approved under the Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation (OPITO) standards it will be subject to the following Condition:

A Certificate should be issued to all individuals and to the Company sponsoring the delegate for all delegates successfully completing the course, details of which, including Name, Course Dates and Certificate Number must be recorded by the organisation conducting the training. A return of all details of the Certificates issued must be made by the Training Organisation to the Central Training Register on completion of the course.

What if I lose a CERTIFICATE, or can't get it from my company?

Duplicate certificates are available at £25 plus VAT per copy. Any request for duplicate certificates must be made in writing and be collected by the certificate holder in person, who must bring photographic ID.

What are the PAYMENT TERMS for training courses?

Standard terms of trading for customers with whom pre-agreed credit arrangements exist are full payment within 30 days of the date of the invoice Petans is classified as a small business under The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, and as such reserves its statutory right to claim interest on debts in excess of our 30-day terms. Such interest will be at the rate as set out in the Act.

Private delegates are required to pay Course fees in full to Petans Ltd. at the time of booking.  

When delegates, by prior arrangement, are on Standby, full payment is required at the time of confirmation of attendance.

Credit is not granted to Private delegates or to individuals under any circumstances.

Payments may be made by debit card, bank transfer and most credit cards. Please note we do not accept American Express or UnionPay.   

Can I pay in instalments? 
Full payment should be made upon course booking. We will securely take card details when taking your booking.

How does VALUE ADDED TAX apply?

UK tax law states that VAT will be added automatically to the final invoice total at the rate prevailing on the last day of the course in question. If a company booking a course is from a country within the European Union at the time of booking AND is registered in that country for VAT, then if a legitimate VAT number is forwarded to Petans at the time of booking then UK VAT will not be applied to the invoice.

What if I have to CANCEL or CHANGE A BOOKING?

If you cancel or amend a booking:

Petans Ltd will make an immediate full charge of all course fees under any of the following circumstances:

  • Non-attendance for any reason of a delegate on a course or part thereof.
  • Cancellation of the booking within 7 calendar days of the start date for the course.
  • Cancellation of the booking within 7 calendar days of the start of the course and concurrent re-booking for the same delegate on an agreed alternative date within three months of the original course start date. In such rescheduled cases in addition to the original course fee the subsequent course will be chargeable at 50% of the course fee prevailing at the time of the second course and no further changes of course date or name of delegate on the booking will be permitted.

If we cancel the course:

  • Petans will endeavour not to cancel less than 2 weeks from the published start date. In the event that Petans do cancel a course we will:
  • Refund in full all delegate course fees already paid for but will not pay any associated costs.
  • Provide a revised start date if appropriate and as soon as possible.
  • Please note no compensation for any costs incurred related to courses being cancelled will be payable to the delegate by Petans.
  • Companies or their agents booking the course are responsible for communicating any changes or cancellations notified to them by Petans to the delegate.

How do Petans deal with Employers Liability and Personal Liability Insurance?

PETANS Ltd will assume that Company delegates are covered by the sponsoring Company's Employers and Public Liability Insurance. Where the delegate is a private individual EL and PL Insurance cover is provided by Petans for the duration of the course.

Petans Health and Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Petans Coronavirus Customer Statement


Do Petans publish delegate feedback for GWO courses?

Yes, GWO require Training Providers to publish delegate feedback.


If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us on;

T: 01603 891255 or E: bookings@petans.co.uk ​