Petans New Entrant Grant

What is the Petans New Entrant Grant? – As part of our charitable objectives Petans look to promote and advance training within the Offshore Energy Sector. The Petans New Entrant Grant offers financial assistance to individuals and businesses towards the training costs of entering employment in the Maritime, Wind and Oil and Gas industries.

Who Qualifies? – Financial assistance will only be applied to skilled new workers looking to enter the sector who are currently a UK resident and have a job offer or suitable trade or skill that is transferable to the Maritime, Wind or Oil and Gas Industry, and are:

  • On a HM Forces Resettlement Programme
  • On a Fully Employed Government Apprenticeship Scheme within the Maritime, Wind or Oil and Gas industry
  • Unemployed and on an Income Based Allowance

Training must be completed at Petans.

How can I apply? - By contacting Petans via 01603 891255 or quoting ‘New Entrant’. You will be asked for appropriate evidence before bookings can be confirmed. Please note, at least 2 weeks’ notice is required prior to the course start date.

What evidence do I need to apply? - Prior to acceptance onto the course at the reduced rate Petans will require a letter on company, HM Resettlement or Job Centre headed paper. Letters must include contact details for verification purposes and; Full Name, Address, Date of Birth and National Insurance Number. Letters will be verified via the contact details provided and further evidence may be requested.

How will it help me? – If you meet the criteria specified you or your company will be able to apply for financial assistance towards the reduced cost of a training course as specified in the table. Although completing the course will provide you with an industry recognised qualification it does not guarantee work.

Please note Terms and Conditions apply and are available upon request or via our website –


For Details of the Petans New Entrant Grant for 2024 Courses please see - 2024 Petans New Entrant Grant