Petans Experienced Workers Grant

What is the Petans Experienced Worker Grant? – It is financial assistance towards the cost of training designed to encourage experienced workers in the Offshore Energy Sector to maintain their skills and certificates whilst not in employment or on notice of redundancy within the sector. To qualify, experienced workers will have to provide evidence (see below) of their circumstances.

Who Qualifies? – Financial assistance will only be applied to experienced workers in the Offshore Energy Sector who:

  • Have been made redundant within the last 18 months or
  • Are on notice of redundancy
  • Are UK residents.

Training must be completed at Petans.

How can I apply? - By contacting Petans via 01603 891255 or and quoting ‘Experienced Worker’. Evidence of eligibility will be required before reduced course rates are given. Please note, at least 2 weeks’ notice is required prior to the course start date.

What evidence do I need to apply? - Prior to the acceptance of the individual onto the course at the reduced rate Petans will require a letter on company or Job Centre headed paper. Letters will need to include notification of redundancy, appropriate contact details for verification purposes and; Full Name, Address, Date of Birth and either Vantage Number or National Insurance Number. Letters may be verified via the details provided. Please note, further evidence may be requested.

How will it help me? – If you meet the criteria specified you will be able to apply for financial assistance towards the reduced cost of a training course as specified in the table. Courses at the reduced rate can be applied for by either a company or an individual. The aim is to encourage individuals and or their companies to maintain their skills to differentiate them from other candidates and support retention or return of experienced workers within the Offshore Energy Sector.

Please note Terms and Conditions apply and are available upon request or via our website –


New for 2024 - we have added the 5 Day STCW Basic Safety Training Course to the Experienced Worker Grant.


For Grant Details relating to 2024 Course please see - 2024 Petans Experienced Worker Grants